SLO Trip

Quicky trip to San Luis Obispo for sales meetings. It was great overall and I am stoked on the brand (Lezyne), but the trip home was a bit of a comedy of errors.

1) Flight from SLO (smallest airport ever- seriously, I thougth the planes would be remote control) to LAX- no problems

b) 3 hour lay-over increased to 3.5 hours due to plane running late

2) It was the last flight into SL,UT and the bus to the long term parking sat for five minutes after me and one other guy got on. Seriously, the place was a ghost town at 1 am and we’re just sitting there, idling, of course.

d) Got off at the wrong stop…forgot where I parked. LUCKILY, I ran into my car within a couple minutes. Seriously, the parking lot is huge so if I’d have been way off, I’d still be there.

4) Went through the self checkout and the card reader didn’t recognize my credit card. Awesome. Went over and visited Toll Booth Willie and crew. They spent about 15 minutes trying to figure out the issue, trying all my other cards, etc, before finally just charging me.  The expression on the driver’s face of the car behind me was priceless. Not quite worth it, but funny all the same.

Luckily, the drive home was uneventful, although an hour in the jeep at that hour was mildly painful. Got in a little after 2. Thankfully, Haley slept (90% of the time, she’s the early bird of the house) until 7.

We’re off to Idaho Falls tomorrow for the Allan Butler Memorial Crit. Form is iffy, but I am always motivated for that one, so we’ll see how she goes. Heading to Jackson on Sunday for another race and then spending part of the day visiting dealers there on Monday too before heading out. This will probably be one of the last road trips we do as a family in the wagon as soon we’ll have too many bodies for the number of seats! Not sure how we’ll overcome that, but it’ll have to work itself out.

One thought on “SLO Trip

  1. I’ve totally had that experience, right down to “forgot where I parked”. Just what you need at the end of a long trip!

    There are a bunch of apps for remembering where you parked your car, but you have to remember to use the app when you park. I figured I was as likely to forget to use the app as forget where I parked my car, so I wrote my own app called Parking Wizard, which automatically figures out where I parked without me having to fire it up.

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