Idaho Falls/Jackson Trip

We had another great trip to IF and Jackson for the Allan Butler Memorial Criterium.  Kelly will probably do an awesome post with pics from the family side. Racing wise… I was okay. Saturday night is a big deal for me. I effectively went in never having lost (been 2nd to a teammate a couple times, but that pretty much counts). Made the break and felt awesome all night. Really thought I had it at 1 to go. Then, they (as in the whole  break) got the jump on me and I passed no one before the line. That’s right, 5th out of 5.

“That’s never happened to me!”

I was more confused than bummed, as sprinting is the one thing I usually can do okay even when I’m not terribly fit and I wanted to do well in memory of our friend. Cycling is like that though. Like a few years back when I won the KOM at High U, sometimes you just get surprised even after 20 years. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good!

Sunday was awesome. Dustin attacked maybe 10 minutes into the hour long race and Daniel Bechtold from Hagen-Berman went across. That was all she wrote! There were some good guys chasing the rest of the race, but they couldn’t make a dent. Dustin got beat out in the sprint, but considering he got pulled from a crit a week earlier and it was only like his 3rd race of the year or something, I am duly impressed! The field sprint was ridiculous as guys took stupid risks for 3rd. I didn’t feel like crashing, so pretty much hid out and ended up 8th, I think.  I guess I am pretty much in risk management mode for racing now. Should have jumped ’em at 2 to go. I have the speed part down, but not the proverbial cajones, I think.

I met some cool guys and also got to catch up a bit with our friends Jared and Anna. We stayed an extra night and I visited some shops Monday morning, then we touristed around for a few hours in Jackson. Great town! It was a pretty epic drive home after that. Stopped in Bear Lake for shakes. We are definitely at full capacity with 3 kids in the wagon these days, but we got through okay. Overall, awesome trip.

I love this weekend and barring some catastrophe, we’ll be back next year for sure.


2 thoughts on “Idaho Falls/Jackson Trip

  1. When I heard Dustin was off the front, I was as surprised as you. Last week you could tell mentally he wanted to attack, but physically it just wasn’t there. That’s a big jump in fitness in a week. Good for him–happy to see it.

  2. Yeah, I am speculating here, but I think his base fitness was pretty good, and he just needed some racing to sharpen up.

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