The End.

Or just the beginning?

You would think I would have some sweet as post for day 30, but no, I got nothing.

Another day… As I was driving home, I passed the SBR Tuesday night cross race. I was hoping to do the whole series- though I do feel it’s a bit early for cross!- but plans have changed. I don’t think I could get home in time the nights that I’m working a desk job, plus I’ll be leaving next Wed morning so racing ‘cross Tues night is probably not in the cards. On that note, my bike hasn’t arrived yet either… Sigh.

Anyway, I am pretty wiped out. I guess it’s the new, old schedule. My brain does not want to function and I am tired of being in front of a computer. So, on that positive note… I am off.



Day 29

Of #30daysofcontentredux. Maybe I will skip tomorrow, just to be a flake.

Kelly and I were lamenting the death of blogging last night. I really enjoy reading about other peoples successes and struggles and it sucks that the world moved on to bigger and better ways to waste time. I don’t know, maybe you’re thinking “dude, no one cares about your failure in a local bike race”, but you’re here reading it and (because I watch the stats like a hawk) more people have tuned in since I started posting more frequently. 

Realistically, I probably won’t post daily after tomorrow, but it’s not that hard. And I have had a few people say they enjoy keeping up with what we’re doing. Okay, two of those people are in my family and the other is “like a brother”, but still…

Alright, hasta manana then.

Wish Me Luck…

Tomorrow I’ll be heading back in to my old employer. They need a “temp” if you will and I need some mo’ money, so I’ll be heading back inside 3 days/week for a couple months. I’m not super thrilled to get back to leaving for work at 7, but it’s only 3 days a week. It will be challenging for sure.  This also leaves me 2 days/week to get 5 (or more) days of representing done.  Nights and weekends will fill the gap, I suppose.

As anyone close to me will attest, it was time for me to move on when I did, and I’m not trying get back to a desk job by any stretch. Still, the timing is right and it’s a good opportunity for me in that regard.  It was a bit daunting going into the offseason in my first year as an independent rep, not to mention having baby 4 only 3 months away, so I gotta think it’s all happened for a reason and give it my best.


Sanpete…not so sweet

Unfortunately, I crashed out at Sanpete. Around 12 miles in, and not going fast at all. Somehow wheels got crossed and Jason Asay ended up leaning over on me and we toppled. I joked with him ’cause he was probably the only guy bigger than me in the field. Chase Pinkham ran into me and landed on top of me as well, but they were both fine and jumped back in the action. I was fine too, thankfully. Unfortunately, my bike wasn’t as both fork legs broke, so that was my day.

I was pretty bummed out hanging around the race the rest of the day. I had been training a lot, going out early and felt like my form is/was better than it’s been in years and now… maybe I’m done for the year? Or maybe one race to go. Like I said, pretty bummed. I don’t regret doing the work. I enjoyed the process of gaining fitness immensely. Losing an entire day away from the kids to ride 12 miles was disheartening more than anything. Will have to make up for that with some awesomeness tomorrow.

Anyway, I was hoping…but it didn’t happen, so we’ll just have to keep on keeping on.

Home Again, Home Again…

Back from ‘da bird. It was super nice having Kelly come up. You don’t get that often for a work trip. And I think it was good for her to have an idea of what I do at such things. Awkward attempts at schmoozing, watching other people drink, you know, that kind of thing.

Somehow, in the meeting process I got roped into an extended trip to Vegas this year. As an outside rep, I knew I’d be going for Interbike, but I was pretty stoked to only go for 3 days as I’ve gone for a full week the last few years as an inside guy and that’s too much Vegas. And too much time away from Kelly and the girls…Anyway, now I am going to work the Ironman 70.3 world champs the week before (and the expo proceeding), as well as Outdoor demo and interbike. 10 days in the Vegas. Eh. They made me an offer I couldn’t refuse I guess.

Sweet San Pete RR tomorrow. I didn’t ride the last two days, which is not my preferred build up, but I am going pretty good, generally. I dig this race and I’m running short on chances to redeem this season, so fingers crossed!

Kelly’s here…

I gotta be a total nerdario to be in a hotel room with Kelly and NO KIDS and doing a weblog post.

I think this is the first night we have been alone since our ten year anniversary… two years ago! Coincidentally, she was knocked up with Piper then.

So this’ll be short.

I could not sleep last night. I don’t know if the decaf I had with dessert was not in fact decaf, or if it’s the altitude or what, but I am worked. Sitting in meetings all day always makes me tired too. My brain gets overloaded and makes my head hurt.

Alright, over and out.

Woah Dang

I almost forgot to post! What a forking catastrophe that would be. I am up at Snowbird living the high life. It’s crazy how much cooler it is up in the high country. Took the tram earlier. Still some snow up there, but not much. It’ll be back soon enough!

Anyway, not a ton to report. I didn’t end up riding to the meeting. It worked out that Kelly could drive me before picking up the kids from school, which was probably good.  I did get out for a quickie ride before leaving, which is probably better than most of the attendees who were stuck traveling most of the day. Suckers.

Alright, I’m calling it. Will try to get some content tomorrow.


The muse is not with me tonight, but here we are on day 23…”can’t stop now, I’ve travelled so far…”

Anyway, off to Snowbird tomorrow for sales meetings. Not such a bad place to meet. I am leaving the car at home so Kelly is not car-less. She is actually going to sneak up and stay with me on Thursday night as well, so I got that going for me.  I am trying to decide if she should drive me in tomorrow or if I should ride. Not sure I can even fit all my stuff for three days and a lap top in my pack-a-pack (that’s Morgan speak for backpack). Could be a bit relentless, riding in the heat with all that as well. I actually wouldn’t be riding all the way to the ‘bird either as the meetings start in W. Jordan tomorrow and then move up to the resort in the evening.

What to do?

Big Sis Takes Vermont

As mentioned on Friday, my big sister did the US Triathlon Nationals in Burlington, VT over the weekend. She came out 37th out of ~180-ish qualifiers in her age group. I am super proud and very happy that our mom was able to be there, which just happened by chance as mom was already coming out when Beth found out she qualified.

I love this picture. The two most influential people in shaping who I grew up to be, and so beautiful!

So, big sis has been doing her tris on a road bike with clip-on’s. No aero helmet, no aero wheels… I think it’s time I helped her upgrade equipment a bit!


Propaganda turns you vs. me, and you say you want me to be free. You say I’ve lost my identity, if I don’t fit into your concept of reality. You measure success by possessing my freewill. Cause I want the best I’ll always attest to my freewill. Suspicion, how’s your vision? And I just want some insight, I don’t want to fight to prove I’m better than anyone else. But the chains that you claim are restraining my brain, are attached to yourself. Attached to yourself. I don’t want anyone to control my mind, so you make your decisions and I’ll make mine. Without hearing me out you’ve drawn the line – Well that’s dogma, just a different kind. You measure success by possessing my freewill. Cause I want the best I’ll always attest to my freewill. Suspicion, how’s your vision? And I just want some insight, I don’t want to fight or prove I’m better than anyone else. But the chains that you claim are restraining my brain, are attached to yourself. Freewill. Deprogrammers want to program me. How is that for Irony? To be like someone you want me to be, if I disagree with your philosophy! You measure success by possessing my freewill. Cause I want the best I’ll always attest to my freewill.You measure success by how you possess my freewill. Cause I want the best I’ll always attest to my freewill. Freewill, I will.