State RR

Oh, look, I have a blog.

Firstly, things have been good. We have been enjoying summer. Lots of birthday parties, family visits, and a lot less drama than the spring. Which is good (fingers crossed).

Anyway, the state RR… brought three guys and completely owned everyone. It was kind of embarassing how easily they toyed with us. Yes, Paco Mancebo has been top 5 in the tour a couple times, but still… It was bad.

I was climbing better than I have in a couple years, but not as good as I might have hoped. I wasn’t having too much trouble hanging with the front guys over the climb until the last couple times, but as they moved the finish to the top of the hill, it was clear as mud that to win you needed to be better than everybody else on the climb. And by win, I mean the jersey as a realcyclist guy (Rabou) was off the front alone. Anyway, I knew I was not the best guy on the climb, so I tried to get away on the last lap, but with Mancebo just setting tempo on the front of the field… that wasn’t promising either.

(BTW, he was in the original break and just sat up so he could drive the field, literally on the front the last 30 miles or so, and lead out his teammate.)

No one went with me. Maybe with 3 or 4 guys we could have at least made him work for it.  Still, it wasn’t happening on the climb, so I’m glad I gave it a shot. All the guys who sat on the last lap…I don’t know what you were thinking, except the couple guys who won or were close.

You gotta try something, right? At least that’s my mentality. But what do I know?

End result… my record on the Little Mtn course continues to get worse! Should have quit after the three wins in a row.  Realistically, this was probably one of the coolest things I ever did in cycling. It’s cool to say I had a pro license, but for an amateur with kids and a full-time job to three-peat on a given course… I am proud of that.

I’ll try not to start singing “Glory Days” now.

Anyway, Day One #30daysofcontent redux. Hopefully, I don’t resort to posting random google images as content again.


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