Haley’s Birthday

Haley gets up earlier than any of the other kids, so I took her out this morning. We snuck over to the pastry shop and brought home a special birthday treat for everyone. Haley spotted a deer on the drive, and it was in the same spot on the way home. They are as common as dogs here (probably more, but slightly better at hiding), but for a kid, it’s still pretty cool.

I’ll be picking up and travelling with a couple of my bosses today. Side note- you might think being an independent rep you don’t have a boss, but no I’ve got 8 of them and mostly they all have a boss or two or three as well. Anyway, we’ll be seeing some bike shops.


Oh hey, I got busy with something and saved this as a draft and now it’s tonight and all of the above should be in the past tense!!! I had to get going on it again to make it through day 2.

Anyway, got home and took the fam bam out for shakes and greasy food. We are simple like that. 

Now that I think about it… I really had a fat kid day as I went out for lunch too.  I generally dine at home or at least take food from home with me on the road, so yeah, living it up.

I think it was a pretty good birthday for Haley. She declared it the best birthday ever.

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