Lawnmower Man

Today somehow wound up as a yard work day. It was only meant to be the morning, but somehow I was at it all day. And I got almost two of the four yards I’m currently working done. Yeah, 4.

I got super bummed out late in the day and I’m pretty sure it was because I haven’t been riding. Or doing anything else active this week. Gotta get back on the pony tomorrow.  On that note, I am out for the stage race this weekend. Just too much going.  A little bummed on that, but I need to get used to being picky on what events I can do. Life comes at you fast, as they say.

Kelly got the proverbial “all clear” from the doc today. It’s proverbial because nothing is ever “all clear” with a pregnancy. It’s always, “looks ok, but we’ll keep monitoring”… I suppose that’s good though. Hate to see something overlooked.

Off to OR tomorrow.

Keeping local fast guy Steve Albrecht in mind;  he had a bad crash Tuesday night.


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