Day Four

…And still kicking!

You are really keeping up with the happenings of my day-to-day now. As promised, I went to Outdoor Retailer today. Of course, no one who is not in the industry could ever sneak through the iron clad doors of such an event, so I will tell you what you are missing.

(and I stole this)

It’s like walking into an REI that never ends!

Is it heaven, or is it hell? I just don’t know. Anyway, I got all kinds of lost and gave up hope for ever having my meeting. However, the spirits prevailed and we managed to meet. I also saw Sam Krieg, which pretty much makes it a good day.

Took the girls (all of them) to the water park between thunderstorms this evening. Two things you can guarantee at a public pool- bad tattoos and obesity. I don’t know what it is that attracts them, but I like it.

Alright, I’m sure I have more awesome tales, but I gotta leave you wanting more.

Hasta manana.

‘Til then then.


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