Day Tripper

Loaded up the family wagon and pointed south. Took the girly girls down highway 89. We stopped in Fairview  at a museum, before heading further down to Fremont Indian State Park. This was a nice day trip. We had a picnic up in a campground, toured the visitor center/museum, and then did a short hike. It was pretty hot for the hike. Probably only 90-ish, but zero shade.

The hike had lots of petroglyphs and a pit house (not pent house). The pit houses are what the Fremont (not a tribe) Indians lived in the area. Warm(er!) in the winter and cool in the summer. Fairly necessary for living in such a climate. Anyway, we were able to go down into the pit house, which the girls were pretty big on once they got over the initial fear of climbing down into the ground.

Stopped at the creamery for ice cream on the way home.

Somewhere around Manti on the way down, we saw Team Rico and crew doing their annual RAMU. I may have gotten the initials wrong, but I think it’s Ride Around Most of Utah. Loaded down, hot and windy.


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