Did you notice anything missing from last weeks’ weblogage?

Cracked may be an exagerration, but I didn’t ride at all last week. Which is rare. It started off as a day off, and then a couple days, and then, the week was up.

So, I need to try to get some kind of form coming back as I still have a couple races left and I’d prefer to suck a little less.

I got up at 5 this morning and got a couple hours in while the rest of the world slept. It was quite dark. Love it. Can’t do it everyday, but I love it.  Cold up in them thar hills though.

I managed to gain about 5 pounds last week as well, so I thought I’d try watching the intake for awhile. I thought that until I got to pick where lunch was today (Red Iguana- on the company tab too, Love it!!). There’s always tomorrow, right?


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