Not much to say…

We are about to watch Departed. It’s pretty much my bed time already, so I’ll make this brief.

Had a pretty typical day, driving around and talking about bike stuff, went for a quickie bike ride, dinner, then off to the “dog park” with the fam. The dog park, as mentioned previously, is just the fenced in area behind our church, but there’s far less dog poo than at the real dog park and it’s much closer, so it’s a win-win.

OTOH, my dogs do manage to poo everytime we are there. Like clockwork. Nothing I like better than turning that Target bag inside out and grabbing a fistful of dog poo. Is that gross?

Oh yeah, I saw Tyson Apostol AGAIN.

Off to work (it) in the expo at tour of utah tomorrow.  Maybe I will live tweet the event, but telling you what I’m doing rather than the race, which you can get from all the other tweeters.

“Setting up tent”

“Tent looks awesome”

“Looking awesome standing under awesome tent.”

You get the idea.


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