TOFU Fanboy

I am really enjoying watching the Tour of Utah this year. Yes, there is a small part of me (or not so small) that would like to be racing. I’m sure when I’m 60 I’ll still be thinking in my head “I could roll with these fellows”. Anyway, it’s been nice to see the smaller teams taking it to the pro tour guys.  It’s a bike race, you shouldn’t know ahead of time who will win. I prefer it that way.

Today’s finish was less than 2 miles from our house, so we loaded up the family and headed down there. I actually rolled through the start/finish in the morning on the tandem, pulling the trailer to see how the finish looked. Got some good comments as we rolled through. Anyway, there were no finishing circuits, so it was a pretty quick event, which suited us just fine given the temps. We went by the outdoor mall next door and let the girls play in the sprinklers before heading home.

I probably won’t see any of the other stage finishes. Sunday, we’ll head up on Alpine Loop and cheer on the boys as they roll through. I’ll be watching the live updates the rest of the time. Gotta love technology.


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