Pretty nice Sunday. We took the girls up to the top of the Alpine Loop for a picnic and to watch TOFU come by. Probably not in that order. Kelly’s mom came with us and her brother met up with us, so we had a posse.

The stage is notoriously difficult and I don’t think I’ve ever seen the field so shattered at that point as it was today. Some hurting faces for sure.  I will say…anyone who finished is legit. Maybe not 2 Legit, but legit.

We stopped at Sundance for lollipops on the way home and hung out by the pond there for a bit. My kids are crazy about the lollipops there. They are really good lollipops, though.

Everyone came back to our pad for dinner…Kelly’s grandparents joining in as well. Made for a nice visit.

Anyway, I’m too tired to post anything useful right now, but thanks to all involved with organizing the Tour of Utah. Watching the Tour de Trump and Tour DuPont as a kid had a big impact on me, so hopefully there were some kids out there getting inspired in the same way… This kid was!


3 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. Not sure. We’re hard to miss! The big old red suburban on the corner for the Cascade Springs cut-off was ours.

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