My facebook homies will already be up on this, but I think I saw a mountain lion this morning. I also saw moose, deer, and joggers (uggh), but I’ve never seen a mountain lion before.

I was only a couple miles from my house on Squaw Peak when I came around a corner and something was just about across the road. Size wise it could have been a deer, but it was walking like a cat and had a long tail… Ok, I didn’t get that good a look at it, but I thought I saw the tail and the walk was definitely not deer like.

I know they are out there, but I like to think they avoid people pretty well. Honestly, ever since some people were killed in Orange County in the same place we mountain biked there, I’ve been pretty frightened of them. With good reason, right?

In any case, I didn’t turn around or anything and rode right past where it was. Smart, right? I think my brain was still processing everything. Like I said, you know they’re out there, but you just don’ t see them. And I’m okay with keeping it that way.


One thought on “Cougars

  1. I had a bear cub run across the road in front of earlier this year. Scared the crap out of me because I didnt know where its mother was and didnt want anything to do with her!

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