Daddy Day

Kelly went to education week at BYU with her mom and grandma today, so I took off to spend with the girls. Education week, for those out of the know, is pretty much a week of classes for adults. There’s a pretty broad range of topics, but as you might guess they tend to have spiritual slant. And yes, it’s a week, but Kelly could not trust me for that long, so she only got a day out of it.

Anyway, there’s not so much to report. I did lawn work during Piper’s morning nap and the girls actually played nicely together. Of course, I was running a weed wacker or lawnmower the whole time, so I am kinda guessing on that, but the fact that no one interrupted me every 20 seconds to say “she hit me” or “she called me stupid” lends me to believe that it went well.

Pipes got up and I made lunch for everyone. People who really know me will tell you I don’t do well without food, and making the kids meals ahead of my own is really a struggle for me. I am pretty much not at my best around meal time, until I can sit down and chow. I was okay today, but when I’m really hungry, look out!

After lunch, I took the girls to the river to play around in the water for a bit. The river (or redneck pool as I like to call it) is pretty cold. Like icebath cold. Doesn’t faze Haley a bit though. She just had a ball.

Came back and Piper had another nap- these babies have it pretty good, really. The girls played and watched “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” for probably the 8th time this week, while I caught up on some work and finished reading the 2nd book of The Hunger Games trilogy. I recommend it, BTW.

Things got crazy for awhile after Pipes woke up. I think the kids all inherited my inability to go without food, so it was nice when Kelly FINALLY called (just kidding) and told us to meet up for ice cream. Yeah, we went dessert first tonight. We crazy.

Overall, the day went well, but I don’t think I’m cut out for doing it full-time. Major respect for those who do.

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