Yes, I am.

Just got in and put the kids to bed, but I gotta post something and bed is calling my name. Rules are rules and blog posts are way more important than bathing.

Solid ride in the mountains this morning- AF Canyon, S. Fork, Squaw Peak. Back before 10 and had a lawm mowed-ed and weeeed wacked-ed before lunch. On fire.

Extended family pool sesh and dinner tonight.

Okay, got some content:

The US Pro Crit Champs are totally getting hosed as far as coverage these days. Yes, there was a big race here last week and yes, there’s a big race in CO next week, but it’s a national championship and you don’t hear anything about it.

I know there are some guys who are racing out there and get to fly in on Sunday and start the CO race. Oooh, that’s a big change of pace, time zones, and altitude. I’ll give you credit for that.

Alright, beddy bye time.


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