Big Sis Takes Vermont

As mentioned on Friday, my big sister did the US Triathlon Nationals in Burlington, VT over the weekend. She came out 37th out of ~180-ish qualifiers in her age group. I am super proud and very happy that our mom was able to be there, which just happened by chance as mom was already coming out when Beth found out she qualified.

I love this picture. The two most influential people in shaping who I grew up to be, and so beautiful!

So, big sis has been doing her tris on a road bike with clip-on’s. No aero helmet, no aero wheels… I think it’s time I helped her upgrade equipment a bit!


3 thoughts on “Big Sis Takes Vermont

  1. Ryan, this post made my day! And I’m having a pretty great day, so that’s saying something. And not just because you are going to pimp my ride, but that is deeply, truly appreciated, too. Love you!

  2. waitaminute!!?? You go to Vermont and nothing?? Ok, so I got your VM last week, but you coulda told me you were in town…granted I”m in CT now and hating it…but regardless, that’s my hometown! I hear the race was a huge success and congrats to Sister Beth! Awesome result!

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