The muse is not with me tonight, but here we are on day 23…”can’t stop now, I’ve travelled so far…”

Anyway, off to Snowbird tomorrow for sales meetings. Not such a bad place to meet. I am leaving the car at home so Kelly is not car-less. She is actually going to sneak up and stay with me on Thursday night as well, so I got that going for me.  I am trying to decide if she should drive me in tomorrow or if I should ride. Not sure I can even fit all my stuff for three days and a lap top in my pack-a-pack (that’s Morgan speak for backpack). Could be a bit relentless, riding in the heat with all that as well. I actually wouldn’t be riding all the way to the ‘bird either as the meetings start in W. Jordan tomorrow and then move up to the resort in the evening.

What to do?


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