Sanpete…not so sweet

Unfortunately, I crashed out at Sanpete. Around 12 miles in, and not going fast at all. Somehow wheels got crossed and Jason Asay ended up leaning over on me and we toppled. I joked with him ’cause he was probably the only guy bigger than me in the field. Chase Pinkham ran into me and landed on top of me as well, but they were both fine and jumped back in the action. I was fine too, thankfully. Unfortunately, my bike wasn’t as both fork legs broke, so that was my day.

I was pretty bummed out hanging around the race the rest of the day. I had been training a lot, going out early and felt like my form is/was better than it’s been in years and now… maybe I’m done for the year? Or maybe one race to go. Like I said, pretty bummed. I don’t regret doing the work. I enjoyed the process of gaining fitness immensely. Losing an entire day away from the kids to ride 12 miles was disheartening more than anything. Will have to make up for that with some awesomeness tomorrow.

Anyway, I was hoping…but it didn’t happen, so we’ll just have to keep on keeping on.

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