Wish Me Luck…

Tomorrow I’ll be heading back in to my old employer. They need a “temp” if you will and I need some mo’ money, so I’ll be heading back inside 3 days/week for a couple months. I’m not super thrilled to get back to leaving for work at 7, but it’s only 3 days a week. It will be challenging for sure.  This also leaves me 2 days/week to get 5 (or more) days of representing done.  Nights and weekends will fill the gap, I suppose.

As anyone close to me will attest, it was time for me to move on when I did, and I’m not trying get back to a desk job by any stretch. Still, the timing is right and it’s a good opportunity for me in that regard.  It was a bit daunting going into the offseason in my first year as an independent rep, not to mention having baby 4 only 3 months away, so I gotta think it’s all happened for a reason and give it my best.



3 thoughts on “Wish Me Luck…

  1. For the record, I totally wished you luck. But I must have hit the wrong button, because my comment never showed up here. I thought maybe I got moderated out 🙂

    Also for the record (and in reference to your next post), your daily posting thing inspired me to make yet another attempt to resurrect my blog.

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