Day 29

Of #30daysofcontentredux. Maybe I will skip tomorrow, just to be a flake.

Kelly and I were lamenting the death of blogging last night. I really enjoy reading about other peoples successes and struggles and it sucks that the world moved on to bigger and better ways to waste time. I don’t know, maybe you’re thinking “dude, no one cares about your failure in a local bike race”, but you’re here reading it and (because I watch the stats like a hawk) more people have tuned in since I started posting more frequently. 

Realistically, I probably won’t post daily after tomorrow, but it’s not that hard. And I have had a few people say they enjoy keeping up with what we’re doing. Okay, two of those people are in my family and the other is “like a brother”, but still…

Alright, hasta manana then.


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