Back in the real world… Kelly is still on the couch. She is pretty bummed out, but what can you do? Wait it out and hope you are waiting a long time. And that’s a strange situation… “This really sucks… I hope it lasts!!”.

We are lucky to have a lot of help. Right now, that means two grandma’s in town! Lucky kids too, eh.

Last week, we were lucky to have Kelly’s friend Jen come to town. She was coming (for work) before all the hoopla and was nice enough not to back out!! Seriously, she was  a super great guest, making dinner and entertaining the girls to no end. Sleevie also came over and made us dinner. So, like I said, we’re lucky to have family and friends around.

Since it’s a cycling blog and all…I pretty much gave up on fitness back in Vegas.  And for once in my life, I’m not even worried about it. Just letting it flow.

I did get out for a run this morning. Took my car to the shop and ran home. How ’bout that?

Got some very good news about a new rep gig. Looks like I’m the guy for Louis Garneau for UT and CO! That’s a big dealio for me, so I am pretty stoked.


Turboprah’s Book Club

  Finished reading Fignon’s book “We Were Young and Carefree” last night. Awesome. I pretty much like to read about cycling, but this was a really nice, honest look at his career and life.  It’s amazing how much cycling changed from the 80’s to 90’s and not just the advent of Epo, though he does come straight out with that. Amazing how all the greats of the late 80’s and early 90’s point to the same change around ’92… all of a sudden guys that could never hold a candle to them were dropping them. Pretty sad, really.

The training, team staffing, style of racing, etc also underwent a huge change. I prefer the old way of doing things. Never being defensive, racing the whole season, attacking…always attacking!

Anyway, Fignon is gone (damn you, cancer!), but his story lives on here. I suggest you pick it up.

Will do an update soon on real life.

Ban Longboards from the Provo River Trail

A friend was recently injured riding the Provo River Trail due to negligence of a longboarder. The longboarder bailed at the last second and projected his board under my friends wheel. He was knocked out for around 10 minutes and suffered broken bones. He is a top notch rider and was in no way at fault. We have all had close calls with longboards on this path.

For the record, I am a “live and let live” kind of broski, and am generally against banning anything, but enough is enough. There was a movement underway a couple years back to keep longboards off the path due to the frequency of this type of incident, but the longboarders rallied to keep themselves “legal”.

Before anyone says it, yes, bikes go faster than skateboards… but they also have brakes.


Kelly did a post, so now I have to as well. That is how we are entertaining each other.

We are hoping she can come home tonight. She will be on bed rest until this kid comes, which is hopefully not for awhile!

The change from the bachelor pad in Vegas to being a single parent in Provo was a little rough and I think I was feeling sorry for myself for a bit there. Pretty pathetic. Kelly is the one alone in a hospital, after all! I am lucky to be here with my girls. Of course, it isn’t always easy, but nothing worth doing is. So, anyway, I turned that smile right side up.

We have been visiting Kelly pretty as often as possible. The girls pretty much zone out to cartoons while we are there and Piper walks around making messes. It’s pretty awesome, but not as awesome as having everyone home. We are heading back over there whenever Pipes wakes up.

I took the girls to church today. Pipes was a pill and I spent the whole time out in the aisles, which is okay by me. I wore a red shirt and tie, which wasn’t premeditated, but kinda funny as the University of Utah (aka- red guys!) stomped BYU (aka- blue guys) in the big foosball tournament yesterday and we are blocks from BYU. Lucky I didn’t get jumped.

In other news, we’ve mostly been dinner-ing with Kelly’s folks, which is nice as we’d be eating something microwaveable every night otherwise!

Hospital Visit

Ok, most of you are probably up on this, but hang tight wit’ me…

On Wednesday, Kelly had her normal doctor’s appointment check-up. They quickly assesed that she was showing signs of early labor. She’s 30 weeks for the record. She was admitted to the hospital to try and keep that bun in the oven as long as possible. She rang me at Interbike to let me know what was going on.

Obviously, this put a damper on the show for me, but as I needed to be around through Thursday for a couple meetings and there wasn’t that much I could do at home (she was already in the hospital and her folks were taking care of the girls), I had to stick it out. I even went out to the cross race that evening, but I was pretty much not my usual self.

Only managed a few hours sleep, but got through Thursdays’ meetings, probably not on my A game, but not so bad. Around 5:00, we left the show, but still had to go back out to Henderson to clean up the house. Got packed up and on the road around 7:30 (8:30 Utah time) and rallied that Penske truck through the night. Got in around 3:00 am and got a few hours sleep before Haley woke me up.

Got Haley to school and then took Morgan to see mom in the hospital. It was great seeing her, but it is tough to be gone so long and then be separated again. I’m sure it’s a whole lot worse for Kelly! She is in the hospital until at least Monday and she may be able to go home then, but will be on bedrest until this kid comes.  As much as having her on bedrest sucks, I hope that’s a long time yet!

I am pretty wrecked, but need to say thanks to Kelly’s folks for taking care of the girls!! They were planning to leave on Monday of next week, so we were pretty lucky with the timing… it would have sucked if they left and I was also out-of-town. Also, big thanks to all my friends for the kind words, thoughts, and prayers. They are sincerely appreciated.

Day Something

The days blend together. Well, I did not get that ride in I was hoping for. We were pretty much slammed in the booth the last couple days. Well, it rained for awhile today, so it wasn’t busy then, but it was raining.  Umm, anyway… yesterday, I went to work around 7:30, went straight from the dinner to a sales meeting and dinner and then had some work to do when I got in around 11:30. I have been sleeping well though. This morning I realized we had no water in the house. Yeah, you can’t drink the water as it sits in the pipes too long or somesuch. Anyway, I jogged to the grocery/convenience store and came back carrying a gallon of water. That is two runs on this trip. Yeah, baby. Of course, this one was only like a mile long, but I WAS CARRYING A GALLON!!

Anyway, the show starts tomorrow. I am a little bummed about where we are staying as we are 12-ish miles off the strip and with everyone on different meeting schedules, it gets a little weird. Plus, I only have the Penske truck, so I am semi-reliant on others to get around. Definintely making my way out to Cross Vegas tomorrow night though!

In other news, I am getting fat on my standard Interbike “little for breakfast, no lunch or at best, snacks, and then a 12,000 calorie dinner”. It’s working well, if the goal is to gain weight.

Really stoked on seeing my girls in a few days. It’s gone fast, but it’s a bit of a long haul.

Not Sure

Sure, Not if I’ll get around to posting tonight, so I figured I’d lay it on you now.

Yesterday was nice. I only worked a couple hours, so rode a couple hours on the bike course and came back and watched the finish. Pretty inspirational stuff. Today we are out to dirt demo. Nothing like standing around all day in the heat and wind. Hopefully I’ll take a break and go borrow a bike or something for my annual mountain bike ride.  Meetings start tonight. Free dinner, too, so there’s a bonus!

Keep it real, homies.

Are you Mormon?

So, I thought I should probably not do another post about standing in a booth, it being hot, my morning bike ride, etc. I would hate to bore you, dear reader, so I thought the time ripe for a real post.

Something that happens whenever I am traveling… people find out you are from Utah and the first thing they ask is “Are you Mormon?”. The answer is “Yes”, sometimes even “yeah, buddy”, but I might also like to say, “Yes, but kindly cast aside your preconceived notions of what that means and get to know me before making too much judgement”… It’s a little wordy, but I think you get the idea.

I don’t blame people for their curiosity. I grew up not knowing any Mormons and I don’t mind at all when people just want to hear my viewpoints or whatever…. but I can see a lot of people’s eyes glaze over when I say “yes” and it’s as if we can’t have anything in common or something. My mom used to say “people are the same all over”. It’s true.  And I think most people, regardless of religion (or lackthereof) are pretty much looking for happiness, but it just seems like everyone (yes, that includes me) spends a lot of time and energy on things that won’t bring any. I guess that’s another rant for another day though.