Day 3. Still hot! Got up early as and rode for awhile and it was quite nice. After the expo, I was initially going to go eat with some people, but then they wanted to go back to their hotel and meet up later and, um… my only transportation is a box truck (or my bike, of course)and I didn’t really feel like driving it all over,  so I bailed and went to the grocery store. I am un-good at this whole bachelor game and knew not what to make for dinner. I finally settled on CPK take home pizza pie. I went back to the house…

Yeah, they rented a house for the trip. And people will be coming and going throughout the 10 day period, but tonight I am alone. In a five bedroom house. It’s so weird.

Anyway, I went back to the house and ate it was good. I was thinking of riding again, but didn’t work up the motivation in time. Now it’s dark again, but I’m getting bored.

I haven’t reached the end of the internet yet, but I’m probably getting close.

Anyway (yes, again), maybe I will go for a run again. There’s a gas station I could run to and buy an ice cream bar. I am into that. Running to get crap food. At least you come out even-ish.

PS- Several people here have tested positive for compression socks and aero helmets.


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