Are you Mormon?

So, I thought I should probably not do another post about standing in a booth, it being hot, my morning bike ride, etc. I would hate to bore you, dear reader, so I thought the time ripe for a real post.

Something that happens whenever I am traveling… people find out you are from Utah and the first thing they ask is “Are you Mormon?”. The answer is “Yes”, sometimes even “yeah, buddy”, but I might also like to say, “Yes, but kindly cast aside your preconceived notions of what that means and get to know me before making too much judgement”… It’s a little wordy, but I think you get the idea.

I don’t blame people for their curiosity. I grew up not knowing any Mormons and I don’t mind at all when people just want to hear my viewpoints or whatever…. but I can see a lot of people’s eyes glaze over when I say “yes” and it’s as if we can’t have anything in common or something. My mom used to say “people are the same all over”. It’s true.  And I think most people, regardless of religion (or lackthereof) are pretty much looking for happiness, but it just seems like everyone (yes, that includes me) spends a lot of time and energy on things that won’t bring any. I guess that’s another rant for another day though.


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