Kelly did a post, so now I have to as well. That is how we are entertaining each other.

We are hoping she can come home tonight. She will be on bed rest until this kid comes, which is hopefully not for awhile!

The change from the bachelor pad in Vegas to being a single parent in Provo was a little rough and I think I was feeling sorry for myself for a bit there. Pretty pathetic. Kelly is the one alone in a hospital, after all! I am lucky to be here with my girls. Of course, it isn’t always easy, but nothing worth doing is. So, anyway, I turned that smile right side up.

We have been visiting Kelly pretty as often as possible. The girls pretty much zone out to cartoons while we are there and Piper walks around making messes. It’s pretty awesome, but not as awesome as having everyone home. We are heading back over there whenever Pipes wakes up.

I took the girls to church today. Pipes was a pill and I spent the whole time out in the aisles, which is okay by me. I wore a red shirt and tie, which wasn’t premeditated, but kinda funny as the University of Utah (aka- red guys!) stomped BYU (aka- blue guys) in the big foosball tournament yesterday and we are blocks from BYU. Lucky I didn’t get jumped.

In other news, we’ve mostly been dinner-ing with Kelly’s folks, which is nice as we’d be eating something microwaveable every night otherwise!


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