Back in the real world… Kelly is still on the couch. She is pretty bummed out, but what can you do? Wait it out and hope you are waiting a long time. And that’s a strange situation… “This really sucks… I hope it lasts!!”.

We are lucky to have a lot of help. Right now, that means two grandma’s in town! Lucky kids too, eh.

Last week, we were lucky to have Kelly’s friend Jen come to town. She was coming (for work) before all the hoopla and was nice enough not to back out!! Seriously, she was  a super great guest, making dinner and entertaining the girls to no end. Sleevie also came over and made us dinner. So, like I said, we’re lucky to have family and friends around.

Since it’s a cycling blog and all…I pretty much gave up on fitness back in Vegas.  And for once in my life, I’m not even worried about it. Just letting it flow.

I did get out for a run this morning. Took my car to the shop and ran home. How ’bout that?

Got some very good news about a new rep gig. Looks like I’m the guy for Louis Garneau for UT and CO! That’s a big dealio for me, so I am pretty stoked.


2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Hang in there, Turbo family.

    Racing is cool, but I found I get more enjoyment riding for fun. How fit do I really need to be? Fun to be fast tho.

    Love Louis Garneau gear, always seems to fit me well and last.

  2. Thanks, Kris.
    I am definitely continuing my trend towards less racing, but have no plans to stop. It’s a big part of who I am.
    It’s funny to me when people say they ride “for fun”, rather than racing. I do enjoy just going for a ride, but racing is fun to me. Winning races is even more fun. At least that’s the way I remember it!

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