Getting Fat


Not much to report, but don’t want the blog to die.

Things are a touch nuts at the moment. I am still inside 3 days/week at my “old” employer. What with Kelly on bed rest and the new gig referenced in the post below, free time is a fleeting memory. I guess that’s an odd thing to say in a blog post. Free time where I’m not chained to a desk then…

Anyway, the new gig requires that I head to Denver tomorrow. I figure any place that has an omelette named after it can’t be all bad.

From the sounds of things, I will probably be at the old gig until close to the end of the year.


I’m actually going to take a lunch (ride, of course) today. I haven’t been taking them as I’m paid hourly (for this job) and that’s like paying to ride, right? But, I feel the urge to get out, so I’m justifying it to myself. Mental health or somesuch.

Alright, RB out.


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