I would be one lame single dude

You may be thinking to yourself “correct, and you are a lame married dude”… You are welcome to that opinion!

Anyway, I’m in a hotel outside Denver by myself. I went for a run, which was semi-productive. I got a bit of work done, which was good.

Otherwise, I watched a ton of TV, while continuing my search for the end of the internet. I walked myself to Qdoba for dinner, so that was exciting!

Couldn’t sleep for the life of me, so I was up until close to 4:00 and raring to go at 6:45.

Anyway, luckily I am not single!

Oh yeah, for my out-of-state friends, Utah got it’s first “real” snow yesterday. We got rain in the valley, but the resorts got dumped on and prolly still are.  Funny as it was upper 80’s last week and back to mid-70’s in a couple days. Utah style. Yaaahhh.

Alright, time to go talk bike stuff.


One thought on “I would be one lame single dude

  1. Being single in the mid-30’s is something really special. Add in a full time career (>75hrs a week) and being single is the only socially acceptable route. Few people who work that much have any really meaningful relationships.

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