Season Review/Preview

This post got me thinking…and you know nothing good ever comes from that.

A lost season? Well, certainly this past season was my worst. Ever. I went in with solid intentions and was probably more fit at the end of winter than I’ve been in a few years. Then, I quit my job to start my own business. Then, we found out Kelly was pregnant. Then, she was put on bed rest. These three events occured in the span of about a month…

And I think I made a crucial mistake at this point. I kept racing, mostly, but with zero training. And when I was racing, I wanted to be home and was not present in the moment. I should have prioritized differently and just stopped racing for the moment.  End result, by the end of the year I just didn’t care anymore.

After a brief respite of mobility for the summer, Kelly was put back on bed rest this fall. That was about a month ago. We are hoping for another month. It is really hard on her. Not so easy on me, either, but I think it’s been quite good for me as it’s forced me to think quite a lot.

With that, I handed over the reigns of our team to Sleevie. In all honesty, the direction of the team had changed 180 degrees from where we started it and my heart just wasn’t in running another local cat. 1 team.

So, everyone keeps asking, “are you going to quit?”.  No, I’ve tried a couple times and I suck at quitting.  My plan as of today (could be different tomorrow) is to race on/in/for the brands I represent. I will do the races I want to do and that fit around our family life. I am planning to throw a couple triathlons into the mix and maybe even some mountain biking. Yep, hell just froze over.

Anyway, that was a doozy.


3 thoughts on “Season Review/Preview

  1. Then again, you could set the bike aside, keep a close eye on her, and come join me for some masters races from time to time. I’d even lead you out like days of ol’

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