A Bit Drained…

Yeah, I am tired… Used to be I looked at being tired on Monday morn as the sign of a good weekend. So much activity you need the work week to rest up. Well, it was a good weekend, but not so much in that way. Mostly I am wrecked because the kids, all 3 of them, are not sleeping so well. Haley and Morgan have developed nightmares due to the Halloween season. They don’t watch scary movies or go near anything scary, but for whatever reason one or both of them wakes up almost every night scared out of there wits. Little Piper has a cold and can’t breathe too well laying down, so she’s struggling as well. Kelly has to wake up at 3:30 every night to take her magic pill to keep the contractions in check.  I’ve had a few nights lately where I can’t go back to sleep after the 3:30 alarm, so umm, yeah, tired. Anyway, wah wah daddy’s tired.

Took Haley and Morgan to Cornbelly’s (not Corn holey’s) on Saturday. It’s a big fall fair type thing with a corn maze, bounce houses, princess area… pretty much everything a kid needs. It was a good time, though busy enough where I thought I would lose a kid for sure… which would have ruined the day. Kelly’s mom watched Piper, which was really above and beyond the call of duty as she pretty much does everything M-F when I’m working.

Anyway, not much to report really… Kelly’s past the half way point of her “proposed” bed rest period. Hoping for another 4 weeks. On that note, we still need a name. Anyone??

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