That Sucked…

Yeah, I guess I was more than a little drained. Or I certainly ended up drained. Or something. I seem to have caught a gnarly flu bug and spent over 30 hours straight (with a few trips to the potty) in bed. I’ll skip the details, but it wasn’t good. In any way. I seem to be on the mend now.

I am the only one in the fam that did not get a flu shot. They got theirs just under 2 weeks ago. Piper got a little sick, but was pretty much fine a few hours later. So far, everyone else is in the clear. Fingers crossed. Kelly does not need that at this point. For herself or the girls.

Very thankful to have Kelly’s mom around!

In other news, there’s this:

It blows my mind that these guys are doping for master’s nats. Pretty pathetic.  Read the comments. Priceless. Everytime one of these pops up, I am more and more proud of my own crappy cycling “career”.  Speaking of which, I love the quote where he says “I don’t really have a lucrative career in cycling”… dude, you don’t have a career at all. You have a hobby and an overblown ego!

On the positive side, the guy who should (assuming the B sample confirms the A) take over the title is adamantly anti-doping, so good on ’em.


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