Kelly Goes Into Battle

No, not labor (she’s scheduled to be induced Thursday, if baby doesn’t come on it’s own in the interim). I joked about the mouse situation yesterday, but it was really no joke. Kelly was not pleased with finding a mouse so close to the bedrooms, and, perhaps being 9 months pregnant allowed her emotions to go a touch overboard… I was not joking on the stand-off.

Anyway, after her appointment yesterday, she and her mom went by Lowe’s to pick up some “supplies”. Now, I was not too crazy about mice in the house, but was pretty much content with catching a mouse every couple days in a standard trap and slowly ridding our house of them.

Not so much for Kelly.

She did buy a few more standard traps, on top of the half dozen or so we already had. She also picked up some of the sticky paper traps… neither of us were big on this concept a few days ago as you have to take the still living mouse that is stuck to the paper and kill it. I guess now that I have bashed one with a cardboard box, it’s not such a big deal. She also got a few boxes of rat poison to kill them off with.

Don’t worry, the poison have to be eaten and they are hidden in the attic and corners of the garage, so the kids should be safe.

In any case, we are stocked. All the regular (lame ass) traps were empty this morning anyway, but I don’t see us having a mouse problem much longer.


Any Day Now…

Still no baby!!

Despite my earlier ramblings, we had a great Thanksgiving. The weather was pretty unreal for this time of year.  With most of Kelly’s family in town, we had lots of “gatherings” and it was really nice.  Kelly  posted some pics… you even get a sneak peak at our new (to us!) car. I meant to get a picture, but failed. Will post up later. It’s a Suburban that we bought from Kelly’s grandparents, and will make road trips much nicer for our ever expanding family.

In other news, we’ve had a bit of a mouse problem recently. We caught a couple in traps and things reached a head last night as I saw one scurrying across the floor. We chased it around, and finally there was a stand-off between the mouse and Kelly in our living room. I managed to get it out of the house and bash it to death with a box. Those who know Haley and her animal loving ways can imagine the trauma she faced watching this unfold… Hopefully we’ve gotten the upperhand and all the other mice have seen the fate of their comrades and left for safer pastures.

Kelly has an appt today and she’ll probably be induced today or tomorrow. Being induced is always weird, it’s like going shopping for a baby. Also, funny (not so much to her) that she was on bed rest out of fear that she would have the babe too early and now she has to be induced. What a year it’s been!!

Anyway, fingers crossed and I’ll keep you posted.

Hey Kelly

Didn’t you have a crush on this guy back in your teeny bopper days at the OTC?




















Because I can totally see why, based solely on those pants!! Too right, those things are hot.

Anyway, I just needed to bump yesterday’s Debbie Downer post.


So, I fell off the short lived proverbial training wagon again.

What can I say?  Priorities elsewhere atm. I am a little down. Maybe the lack of weekend endorphins or the short days or the crappy weather. Possibly a confluence.

Or it could be that I’m missing Thanksgiving at my moms’ for the 2nd time ever. That’s right. In 34 years, this is the 2nd time I will be without my mom. Long time readers of the blog (and I’m sure that’s all that’s here at this point) will remember that this is typically the only time of the year when I see my sister and one of maybe 2 times I see my mom. So that kinda sucks.

Plus, the sweet cross bike mountain biking by my moms’.

Ce la vie.

We will be having nearly all of Kelly’s family around for Thanksgiving though, so that’s exciting. Plus the possibility of a new baby any day now!

Oh yeah, and there’ll be a new car in there somewhere. One to fit everyone.

Anyway, I have nothing witty today. Maybe tomorrow.

Back to Normal?

Right… what is “normal” in our house? Still, no baby and at this point, we are hoping to make it through Thanksgiving. I should say Kelly is hoping as I feel purty confident we don’t have a say.

Anyway, my return to normalcy meant 4 days riding in a row, which, when you have only ridden 5 or 6 times over a couple months seems like a lot. That did include a double day and a run, so yeah, back at it, a little. Made it up to Sundance on Wednesday… probably the last time up there for the year. Last time without skiis anyway! The Sleevie rides up there all winter, but I was cold as and nervous about black ice coming down.

Anyway, they had a big “turning on of the Christmas lights!?” ceremony at the outdoor mall down the street last night, so we went. It was cold. It was good though. And like magic, it started snowing right after we left and we woke up to a couple inches. Of snow. So, the girls are going crazy now. Ready to run out and make a snow man.

Don’t Do This…

This was a couple weeks ago, but for whatever reason I just remembered it and thought I could fill a few minutes of your day with a “what not to do” type scenario…

So, I am at the desk job, just pounding away on the computer or whatever. One of my co-workers walks by and grabs a magazine off my desk- One of the perks of working at a bike company is that you get pretty much every bike magazine that comes out. I digress, anyway, he heads for the bathroom and a few minutes later returns and drops the magazine back on my desk.

I am certain the (now former- not at all related to this scenario!) co-worker in question meant no ill-will with this maneuver. In truth, the bathroom generally has a few magazine already waiting for one’s perusal. As for me, I am not a “reader” in that scenario. I am there with a job to do. I take care of it, and move on to the next task…after a thorough hand washing!! If the magazine was in a commons type area, I probably wouldn’t have even noticed, but the fact that he grabbed it off my desk and then non-chalantly dropped it back was more than I could take. I didn’t say anything, as I was knee deep in some other issue at the time, but the magazine is still in the same spot on the desk, maybe a month later.

Weekly Update…

Whether you want it or not.

Still on baby watch over here. As my aging doppleganger Tom Petty would say, “the waiting is the hardest part”. Probably not, though, as there are a lot of hard parts!

My big comeback (to relatively ok fitness) world tour took a hit this week. Just a lot going on, obviously. Spent a couple days traveling with one of my managers, which made it hard to do anything else, but was well worth it. Picked up a pretty bad head cold, which I’ve passed to Piper, making sleep difficult. Poor kid. I went for a little run with the pups yesterday and felt like I was going to fall over. I seriously had to stop at a park bench and sit down. The dogs looked at me like “what the hell you pathetic weakling?” Maybe I am projecting a little, but that’s what their expressions said to me.

If it seems like I am perpetually illin’…umm, tell me about it. I like to think I am relatively healthy. I think it’s due to:

a) having a couple kids in school

2) shaking hands all day

c) diet

Yeah, I can work on one of those. Not dining out, I think, will make the biggest difference. The goal is to get back near fighting weight by the new year, so packing my own food, avoiding the soda pops, and eating all the leftover Halloween candy NOW is the plan.  Makes sense, right? Because if I eat it now, I won’t eat it later.

Oh yeah, and increased activity. Notice I didn’t say training. Or even exercise.


With Kelly off bed rest, I got my first workout of the Comeback Tour in yesterday. I’ll be taking things relatively easy for a  bit yet, considering we will have a newborn pretty quickly and I’m still working a half time job on top of  my regular gig. I had about two hours to kill as Kelly and her mom took the girls shopping. I finally got the cross bike out and rode the BST for just over an hour (we barely got any snow), then flipped shoes and took the pups for a quick run.

I believe this is what tri-ath-a-letes refer to as  a “brick”.

Sad, but true…after this quick jaunt, I am sore today. The good news is that when you are in totally pathetically bad shape, it’s easy to see improvement… whereas when you are 90% fit, getting that last 10% is incredibly challenging. The other good news is I only gained about 8lbs, which is hard for me to believe given how inactive I’ve been and how much junk I’ve eaten. I guess I just don’t have the same appetite when I am not working it.

Anyway, we had a lunch at church afterwards and then I took the girls to see “Puss In Boots” in the afternoon as we had some free tickets. So, a pretty nice and full day.


Time Flies

I think anyone who actually knows us is probably up on this, but for the casual reader…Kelly’s off bed rest!

Yeah, I am pretty stoked! Of course, this means we’ll have another bebe around pretty quickly as well. Kelly fears that after all that time laying around, she will end up still preg-o at Thanksgiving. I, on the other hand, am betting she won’t make it more than a week.

Anyway, still a busy bee over here. Off to Logan this morning. Will try to do a proper post soon.