With Kelly off bed rest, I got my first workout of the Comeback Tour in yesterday. I’ll be taking things relatively easy for a  bit yet, considering we will have a newborn pretty quickly and I’m still working a half time job on top of  my regular gig. I had about two hours to kill as Kelly and her mom took the girls shopping. I finally got the cross bike out and rode the BST for just over an hour (we barely got any snow), then flipped shoes and took the pups for a quick run.

I believe this is what tri-ath-a-letes refer to as  a “brick”.

Sad, but true…after this quick jaunt, I am sore today. The good news is that when you are in totally pathetically bad shape, it’s easy to see improvement… whereas when you are 90% fit, getting that last 10% is incredibly challenging. The other good news is I only gained about 8lbs, which is hard for me to believe given how inactive I’ve been and how much junk I’ve eaten. I guess I just don’t have the same appetite when I am not working it.

Anyway, we had a lunch at church afterwards and then I took the girls to see “Puss In Boots” in the afternoon as we had some free tickets. So, a pretty nice and full day.



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