Weekly Update…

Whether you want it or not.

Still on baby watch over here. As my aging doppleganger Tom Petty would say, “the waiting is the hardest part”. Probably not, though, as there are a lot of hard parts!

My big comeback (to relatively ok fitness) world tour took a hit this week. Just a lot going on, obviously. Spent a couple days traveling with one of my managers, which made it hard to do anything else, but was well worth it. Picked up a pretty bad head cold, which I’ve passed to Piper, making sleep difficult. Poor kid. I went for a little run with the pups yesterday and felt like I was going to fall over. I seriously had to stop at a park bench and sit down. The dogs looked at me like “what the hell you pathetic weakling?” Maybe I am projecting a little, but that’s what their expressions said to me.

If it seems like I am perpetually illin’…umm, tell me about it. I like to think I am relatively healthy. I think it’s due to:

a) having a couple kids in school

2) shaking hands all day

c) diet

Yeah, I can work on one of those. Not dining out, I think, will make the biggest difference. The goal is to get back near fighting weight by the new year, so packing my own food, avoiding the soda pops, and eating all the leftover Halloween candy NOW is the plan.  Makes sense, right? Because if I eat it now, I won’t eat it later.

Oh yeah, and increased activity. Notice I didn’t say training. Or even exercise.


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