Don’t Do This…

This was a couple weeks ago, but for whatever reason I just remembered it and thought I could fill a few minutes of your day with a “what not to do” type scenario…

So, I am at the desk job, just pounding away on the computer or whatever. One of my co-workers walks by and grabs a magazine off my desk- One of the perks of working at a bike company is that you get pretty much every bike magazine that comes out. I digress, anyway, he heads for the bathroom and a few minutes later returns and drops the magazine back on my desk.

I am certain the (now former- not at all related to this scenario!) co-worker in question meant no ill-will with this maneuver. In truth, the bathroom generally has a few magazine already waiting for one’s perusal. As for me, I am not a “reader” in that scenario. I am there with a job to do. I take care of it, and move on to the next task…after a thorough hand washing!! If the magazine was in a commons type area, I probably wouldn’t have even noticed, but the fact that he grabbed it off my desk and then non-chalantly dropped it back was more than I could take. I didn’t say anything, as I was knee deep in some other issue at the time, but the magazine is still in the same spot on the desk, maybe a month later.

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