Back to Normal?

Right… what is “normal” in our house? Still, no baby and at this point, we are hoping to make it through Thanksgiving. I should say Kelly is hoping as I feel purty confident we don’t have a say.

Anyway, my return to normalcy meant 4 days riding in a row, which, when you have only ridden 5 or 6 times over a couple months seems like a lot. That did include a double day and a run, so yeah, back at it, a little. Made it up to Sundance on Wednesday… probably the last time up there for the year. Last time without skiis anyway! The Sleevie rides up there all winter, but I was cold as and nervous about black ice coming down.

Anyway, they had a big “turning on of the Christmas lights!?” ceremony at the outdoor mall down the street last night, so we went. It was cold. It was good though. And like magic, it started snowing right after we left and we woke up to a couple inches. Of snow. So, the girls are going crazy now. Ready to run out and make a snow man.


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