So, I fell off the short lived proverbial training wagon again.

What can I say?  Priorities elsewhere atm. I am a little down. Maybe the lack of weekend endorphins or the short days or the crappy weather. Possibly a confluence.

Or it could be that I’m missing Thanksgiving at my moms’ for the 2nd time ever. That’s right. In 34 years, this is the 2nd time I will be without my mom. Long time readers of the blog (and I’m sure that’s all that’s here at this point) will remember that this is typically the only time of the year when I see my sister and one of maybe 2 times I see my mom. So that kinda sucks.

Plus, the sweet cross bike mountain biking by my moms’.

Ce la vie.

We will be having nearly all of Kelly’s family around for Thanksgiving though, so that’s exciting. Plus the possibility of a new baby any day now!

Oh yeah, and there’ll be a new car in there somewhere. One to fit everyone.

Anyway, I have nothing witty today. Maybe tomorrow.

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