Any Day Now…

Still no baby!!

Despite my earlier ramblings, we had a great Thanksgiving. The weather was pretty unreal for this time of year.  With most of Kelly’s family in town, we had lots of “gatherings” and it was really nice.  Kelly  posted some pics… you even get a sneak peak at our new (to us!) car. I meant to get a picture, but failed. Will post up later. It’s a Suburban that we bought from Kelly’s grandparents, and will make road trips much nicer for our ever expanding family.

In other news, we’ve had a bit of a mouse problem recently. We caught a couple in traps and things reached a head last night as I saw one scurrying across the floor. We chased it around, and finally there was a stand-off between the mouse and Kelly in our living room. I managed to get it out of the house and bash it to death with a box. Those who know Haley and her animal loving ways can imagine the trauma she faced watching this unfold… Hopefully we’ve gotten the upperhand and all the other mice have seen the fate of their comrades and left for safer pastures.

Kelly has an appt today and she’ll probably be induced today or tomorrow. Being induced is always weird, it’s like going shopping for a baby. Also, funny (not so much to her) that she was on bed rest out of fear that she would have the babe too early and now she has to be induced. What a year it’s been!!

Anyway, fingers crossed and I’ll keep you posted.


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