Kelly Goes Into Battle

No, not labor (she’s scheduled to be induced Thursday, if baby doesn’t come on it’s own in the interim). I joked about the mouse situation yesterday, but it was really no joke. Kelly was not pleased with finding a mouse so close to the bedrooms, and, perhaps being 9 months pregnant allowed her emotions to go a touch overboard… I was not joking on the stand-off.

Anyway, after her appointment yesterday, she and her mom went by Lowe’s to pick up some “supplies”. Now, I was not too crazy about mice in the house, but was pretty much content with catching a mouse every couple days in a standard trap and slowly ridding our house of them.

Not so much for Kelly.

She did buy a few more standard traps, on top of the half dozen or so we already had. She also picked up some of the sticky paper traps… neither of us were big on this concept a few days ago as you have to take the still living mouse that is stuck to the paper and kill it. I guess now that I have bashed one with a cardboard box, it’s not such a big deal. She also got a few boxes of rat poison to kill them off with.

Don’t worry, the poison have to be eaten and they are hidden in the attic and corners of the garage, so the kids should be safe.

In any case, we are stocked. All the regular (lame ass) traps were empty this morning anyway, but I don’t see us having a mouse problem much longer.


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