I apologize for my suckage at web-logging recently. Like the song goes, “too much time on my hands”… Wait, that’s the opposite problem. I just can’t resist a Styx reference.

Anyway, life with Rory is trucking along. She wants to rock’n’roll all night, and sleep all day. It’s probably getting to be a bit much for Kelly. Piper has also decided that she wants to wake up around 6:00 every day. I am around then, as a rule, so I can handle that, but she has traditionally been one to sleep in, so if she keeps it up, it may become a drag-o-la. I gotta say it was nice this morning, just spending some time with her and the rest of the house asleep. We shared a bagel sandwich before I had to hit the road.

It was kind of a crazy weekend again. I think just having everyone in the house is tough. I took Haley, Morgs, and Piper to get a Christmas tree Friday night and we decorated Saturday morning.  The afternoon everything went to hell, but we rallied for the church Christmas party that night. It was nice, but trying to keep track of all the kids is enough to make me start drinking.

Isn’t it ironic?

Sunday I took the girls back to church.  I should get double points this week. Anyway, I wasn’t that into it (seriously, it wasn’t my best weekend) and skipped out of Sunday school to wander the aisles. While my spirits were not raised, this did give Kelly a chance to have the house (nearly) to herself… Rory was still there, but like I said, she is nocturnal.

Anyway, once we came back Pipes went for a naperoo as well and Kelly was working with the H&M on gingerbread houses. I stood there looking bored until she told me to go for a ride. Seriously, I was not on my best form this weekend and I know the church I’d just left recommends sitting around being reverent all day Sunday, but I needed to get out.

I didn’t have much time to work with as my ability to be a jerk gets outweighed by my guilt factor pretty quickly, plus the days are plain short right now, but ummm, yeah, it was short and sweet.

And yes, I was in much better spirits the remainder of the weekend. Is that childish? Probably.


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