Year in Review…

For those that don’t know, Kelly and I went to a really small school. There were only about 7 English majors in my graduating class (I was the only guy!). Anyway, every year, we Engrish majors keep in touch by writing a short review of the year. Since I already wrote it, I’d let you in on it as well… thank me later!

What a year!!! In April, I quit my job of the past four years and hit the road as an independent rep in the bike industry. This was a bold move as I would now be 100% commission based AND we had have to source our own health care. About two weeks after that, Kelly found out she was pregnant…so no one would insure us! With that, we were stuck with Cobra… which sucks! I mean I am glad we are insured, but it’s like another mortgage every month!! About another two weeks went by and Kelly was put on bed rest…As you can imagine, this cramped my style as a road rep. I have a huge territory (UT, MT, WY, ID, CO) that I was theoretically covering. And you can imagine how Kelly was feeling about the whole situation!!
About seven weeks later, Kelly was let off bed rest and the summer passed relatively uneventfully. Only relatively though, as our two super hyper britneys, Etta and Belle, escaped. We spent a restless night wondering where they could be. I found them at a shelter the next morning. They had been hit by a dump truck and were nearly euthanized. Amazingly, both pups made a full recovery and are doing great!
In September, I was at a bike show in Vegas for about ten days. I had a couple days to go when Kelly called…She had gone in for her regular appointment and they told her she needed to be admitted as she was going into preterm labor!! This resulted in me driving a moving truck through the night to get home. They were able to keep the baby from coming, but after 5 days in the hospital, Kelly was put on strict bed rest. She was still two and half months from her due date!!
After about two months, the doc said the baby was developed enough and Kelly was given the go ahead to move around and went off her anti-contraction medication. I figured she would immediately go into labor, but no, in a cruel twist, she ended up staying pregnant for three more weeks and was finally induced on her due date, December 1. After the most difficult year of our lives, baby girl #4 (!!) Rory Grace was finally born. It’s been two weeks today and mom and babe are doing great.
Through it all, we were very lucky to have incredible help from family and friends!
I hope you are all doing well and here’s to a slightly less dramatic 2012!!


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