The Hard Road 2??

For whatever reason, “The Hard Road” has come up several times in the past few weeks. Kinda weird as it’s been 10 years now. Anyway, I got an inquiry via email overnight…

Great to hear from you!!!! I was just watching this movie the other day! The movie really pulls you into the lives of the team. I was hoping their was going to be hard road 2. Updating their lives as pro cyclists. Any deleted footage?? Maybe a directors cut? After NetZero, what was the next pro team you went too?? How about the other team mates?? Thanks!!!

Kinda funny as Jamie was actually talking about doing a follow-up this past year as he and a couple of the guys ended up riding together again. I am pretty removed from the socal scene at this point, but it looked like a couple months into the season the idea went south.

I will admit I enjoy getting these kind of inquiries, so if anyone has any questions from back in the day, post them here…Nobody comments any more!!


4 thoughts on “The Hard Road 2??

  1. Yeah, that got pretty glazed over in the movie… along with a bunch of guys who got fired mid-season, team directors who were edited out, a lawsuit against the mgmt for the money that was never paid (not a factor for me as I wasn’t getting a paycheck anyway)…
    Good times.

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