Settling In??

So, yesterday went well…It was probably the first weekend day that I can really say that about since Rory came home. I know we should be all gaga and, OF COURSE, we love our Rory girl, but I think we were all having a hard time adjusting and adding cold temps and limited day light (ie- everyone in the house all day) probably wasn’t helping.

Anyway, yesterday went much smoother. The morning was super low-key and HandM actually played together nicely most of the morning. I managed to stay in pajamas until getting ready to ride. Oh yeah, I got out for a ride. It was nice. Nice and cold! Morgs went to a friends’ house for the afternoon and we picked her up in the evening to go out for burgers and look at Christmas lights. I think it’s a new family tradition!! Definitely a lot nicer to drive around with the new vehicle. Everyone can see and they fight less having more room.

Hopefully we are on the right track.


2 thoughts on “Settling In??

  1. No, we did not get a minivan. We got a Suburban! That’s like an Urban, but bigger. I know, it’s confusing for me too.

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