Goings On

Mathieu van der Poel won junior cyclocross worlds, going in as the overwhelming favorite. His dad Adrie won cx worlds, multiple road classics and tour stages. His grandad Raymond Poulidor was on the tour (THE Tour) podium 5x and was a world road champ. Talk about genetic doping!! Anyway, the kid has another year as a junior, so good luck next to everybody else next year!

That’s not really what this post is about (to the degree that any of my posts are about anything), I just saw it this morning and found it interesting.

I really didn’t mean to go so long between posts. I recall ending saying I was going to go play on Monday. That didn’t happen…so much follow-up to do from the week before! I got my new bike(s) built on Wed, but still haven’t ridden either. I was hoping to go Thurs, but by the time I got around to it, it was rain/snowing, so I went for a run with this guy. Lucky, that wiki blackout ended, huh? Anyway, he’s one of my favorite people to exercise with. Okay, this was the first time I’ve done anything besides cycling (or driving to races) with him, but he’s always got a good story and the time passes quickly.

Yesterday, I got up to Sundance and got my pass finally.  Since I was up there and all and didn’t have to leave for work until 11, I got a couple runs in. They got mostly rain the day before and that froze over night, so the front mountain sucked, but I skipped right past that and the back mountain had some nice, if not so deep, pow wow. Taking Morgan today, so that should be post worthy.

Anyway, back to bikes… I haven’t trained consistently, seriously in 10 years, but I’ve always ridden my bike, nearly daily. So this is very different for me. If I am going to race this year (which I certainly hope to), I am going to have to get on it. I don’t think I can rely on my genetic dope. It just feels hard to justify the time at the moment. I miss it though. I get periods of depression and then acceptance. That’s nothing new though. I think that’s just how I grow and change with time. I’m not going to go changing the blog title just yet or anything.

Sick as.


Early to rise…

Well, my little Piper decided it was time to get up at 5:30 this morning. I am a little bummed as I am just super tired still, but what are you gonna do? This week is wearing on me a little. It’s been good, really good, but I’m going to try to have some fun on Monday as that’s been in short supply for sure.

I get bummed out as I am pretty sure I’ve lost any fitness gained over the past couple weeks. It’s early yet, but it’s one of those things… I’ve never been so…not fit. Depressing.

Also, I am pretty tired when I get done for the day, but need to keep a smile on my face. Kelly let me know last night that I was pretty worked up over nothing with the kids and yeah, that’s not how I want them to remember their childhood! So, I’ll push myself to relax a little and keep smiling.

Anyway, it looks like I started the post just to whine. I get disgusted with myself when I get down like this as I just feel like I’ve got so much going for me and so many people don’t, so it’s time for a little gratitude!! I mean really, I’m going to spend the day with a bunch of outdoor enthusiasts talking about cool gear and that’s called “work”. Not a bad gig if you can get it!


Day Three

I should probably hit the hay (and by that I mean “go to bed”) as I have to be up in less than 5 hours, but you know, everyone seems to be enjoying the updates from the road, and for you, dear reader…I must document every detail of my existence.

Today was good. Went for a little run along a river path that happens by the motel. Met some really nice folks thoughout the day and that goes a long way.

I had a dealer event from about 6-9:30. It was awesome, but um, no food. That is a tough period not to have anything. I didn’t gnaw my arm off, but could not resist the siren call of the truck stop when I got back.

Tomorrow…should be interesting. I was planning to go straight from the airport to the Outdoor Retailer show, but found out yesterday I need to bring some samples from home with… so I’ll fly into SLC, drive right past the show and home to Provo, pick up some stuff, drive all the way back to SLC and work all day. Not exactly efficient, but at least I’ll see 3/4 of my children, albeit briefly.


More Colo-RAD-ohhhhh!

As you probably noticed, I reworked the weblog layout. I am more than fond of the old picture, but it was getting stale looking at the same old, so there you have it. Plus, I am in a motel alone and have nothing better to do. What do you think? I know the title gets hidden until you scroll over it, but I kinda like that.

So yeah, in a “no tell” room alone. It’s pretty weird. I mean, I’m NEVER alone at home. There’s always something going on.  Hopefully I won’t be staying in motels too much. They want money just for a bed, even at a dive like this, so hopefully I will get to know some people out this way. And to know me is to love me. And to love me, is to let me couch surf.

Anyway, today was just okay. I went down to CO Springs and only got to see about half the shops I’d hoped to. I mean I went to all of them, but the person I need to see wasn’t available. So it goes.

I couldn’t handle another night of truck stop eats, so I ate fresh. Unfortunately, this was far less comical. Maybe I will go knock on some truckers doors later, so I have some material.

Well, I guess I’ll go do that. I’ll let you know how it works out.

Colorado…it’s just like Utah, without all the Mormons.

So, I’m in CO. It’s that state east of Utah. I had to get up at the proverbial “crack of dawn”. Actually, I was up at 4:10, so dawn did not crack for sometime after my waking and I never even heard a crack…Oh geez, I think the lack of sleep is getting to me. This could be an interesting post. Or it could suck.

Anyway, I am lucky to live in the age of pocket size computer phones and gps’s. Immediately upon getting my rental vehicle, I went to Starbuck’s (don’t judge me) and plotted out my day… And it pretty much made sense. It was nice going into a whole bunch of new shops and meeting new people. I have a lot of follow-up to do though, which I am pretty much stalling on right now. Right now. As we speak. Or type.

On to the good stuff… my motel. Facebook friends who have yet to hide or unfriend me will have noted that my motel is awesome. It is right next to the freeway, rents by the week, smells of rotten cheese and has a porn shop within spitting distance. Not kidding, I imagine someone has spit on it from my room. The backdoor is broken, although the sign says “Door broke”.

I went to dinner at the truckstop next door, which conveniently backs up to the porn shop. Yeah, I wonder if there’s hookers wandering around there. Anyway, my dinner was awesome.

I love crappy food so much it hurts. Sometimes literally.

If the food wasn’t enough, there was some awesome drama to watch unfold while I ate.  This trucker ordered his burger medium and apparently it was too well done for his taste… So he sent it back… and then he sent it back again. The 3rd time, he told the waitress “look I’ll pay for it, but I can’t eat this, I am going to Subway”.

Who knew truckers were so picky? Odd, as it looked like he’d been eating plenty up to this point. Anyway, I think if I was the waitress, I would have brought out a plate of raw meat on the 3rd go round, but I guess there’s a law in CO that meat has to be a certain pinkness. This caused quite a discussion between the trucker, the waitress, and yes, the management.

It was awesome! Have I said awesome enough in this post?

Anyway, today was Denver, Golden, and Boulder…I could feel the inadequacy of my fitness as soon as I entered Boulder- someone even called me fatty.

That didn’t really happen, but it could have. Anyway (I have said “anyway” more times than I have said “awesome”), I am off to CO Springs in the morning. Then, back up here on Wed. There’s a lot of bike shops around.

Kid Ski, CO Trip, and such…

I took Haley girl skiing yesterday. I posted a bunch of sideways pictures on FB, so cock your head sideways, and check that out. As mentioned previously, I am very excited (possibly even stoked) that my kids are getting old enough to do stuff. Like in previous years, I was pretty much holding her up all the way down the hill and now she can ski top to bottom on her own… on green runs. We went down a blue and, ummm, she doesn’t like turning on steep sections yet and snowplow didn’t cut it and she had her first high speed yard sale. She recovered pretty quick though. Anyway, the nice thing with skiing with kids is that it being warm and sunny and 3/4 of the mountain closed didn’t matter in the least.  So, I’m going to try and take a kid a week and maybe if Morgan progresses similarly, I can take both older girls. In time.

Oh yeah, I should add that we are very lucky to have Kelly’s brother, Jeff, working as an instructor up there. He spent  at least half an hour or so helping us get set up and working with Haley ON HIS LUNCH BREAK when we first got up there…and that made all the difference.

Oh yeah (again), won’t be taking Morgie this week though, as I’m off to Denver tomorrow and will be there until Thursday morning…when I fly back and go straight to Outdoor Retailer where I have to work until Sunday. Not going to be a fun week for Kelly! They have a cheap as flight direct from Provo to Denver now (plus bikes fly free!!), but it didn’t work out timing wise as it’s only once/day each way. Definitely something I will keep in mind though. With that, I think I’ll put off driving until spring-ish. When it’s cheaper to fly, it’s tough to drive…although I need to see shops along the way too, plus I could bring more stuff.

It’ll be interesting going into a new territory, where I’m not “known” in the cycling community. That said, I’m not real motivated right now. I need to decide what to pack pretty quick, again, pretty limited because of baggage compared to the amount of stuff I have, but I just feel like hanging out. Oh yeah, I have to leave for the airport at, like, 4:45, so I should probably not put it off until late night! Anyway, I’ll do an update or two from the road… I know you’ll be holding your breath.

Alright, I guess that’s what I’ve got for the moment.

So What

So I’ve been pretty much riding again for a week straight now. I should be fast again, right? Oh, I was never fast. Not true, I was! Still am, compared to most. It’s all relative, right?

In other news, Morgan is afraid she swallowed a worm with some snow the other day. 10 bucks says she does not eat snow again this year. Maybe ever. She is super awesome at irrational fears already. Ask me about the time she clogged the toilet or the day we got stuck in a windstorm. Seriously traumatic stuff for her.

Oh yeah, so I am officially back 100% as an outside rep. It’s kinda weird never going into an office. I mean I get so much more done without an office environment, it’s ridiculous. So I have more time, but I’m not used to that yet, so I get nervous that I should be working. All the time.

I got some new bikes today. I’ll post pics when they’re done, but you get the idea here and here. Yeah, that is not a time trial bike. It is a full blown tri bike. Sure it’s a a sample for work, but I am still saying I am going to do some triathlons. I have yet to swim and running has been on the backburner while I try to find my cycling legs again, and I don’t know time wise maybe it’s just not realistic. I mostly just want an excuse to dress dorky.er.

You think league bowlers or softball players ever feel the need to tattoo it across their gut?

We got a touch of snow finally over the weekend, but it waren’t (yes, waren’t) much, so no skiing as yet. Gotta get the girls going though… Haley got a mountain bike while we were in CA, inherited from her uncle Jeff. I really look forward to when I can take them out to play and not have to drag them all over. Sadly, they’ll be kicking my old ass shortly thereafter, I’m sure.

California…it’s just like Baywatch.

Ok, when we left off, Kelly (and I, to a lesser degree) got sick and our CA trip was in peril. Luckily, none of the kids got sick and we pulled it together and hit out a couple days later.  I made an executive decision to stay a couple extra days to make up for it. The girls had to miss school, but I can mostly get my job done on the fly, so it worked out.

Anyway, the drive was, um, long. It was beautiful all the way to Vegas, but from there it was not so fun. Breastfeeding really adds time to a drive. So, we didn’t get in until 9:00-ish. The next day, we were scheduled to go to Disneyland. Yeah, it was my first time! Anyway, Kelly’s brother Andrew’s girlfriend Nicole (mouthful) was kind enough to offer up free passes for the fam, but they had to be used by the end of the year, so it was do or die as it was 12/30. Rather than die, we did. The girls had a blast though breastfeeding again slowed us down quite a bit. It was REALLY crowded too, but what do you expect?

The next day was more relaxed… We spent most of the day recuperating. I rode with Kelly’s dads’ club in the morning. It was New Year’s Eve and Kelly’s mom ALWAYS has an awesome family get together. Unfortunately, Kelly and I were both pretty lame and I think we both cashed out on the couch around 10:30. I did rally and make it to midnight, but it wasn’t quite the usual celebration.

Sunday I did the big New Year’s ride in Long Beach. It’s 90 miles, but I figure with riding to and fro, I was pretty close to a hundy. Which is solid. As you can imagine in my current state, doing a 100 mile ride in like 4 hours was challenging, even with a 1000 of my closest friends for company. I was pretty much dragging anchor by the time I got home. Hopefully, this is a good omen for me to start working towards some kind of fitness again.

Monday I did a little ride with Kelly’s dad and took H and M to the beach. Haley, of course, got completely submerged. Yes, it was summer like temps, but the water is still pretty dang cold for no wetsuit. Anyway, we built some sand castles and I buried them alive. I mean just up to their heads, but still.

Tuesday I did another short ride by myself along the coast and then we went back to the beach, but not to get in the water, just walking the pier and such. Kelly’s mom and her bro Andrew joined us, so that was pretty nice… Outside of a kid harfing at the playground after playing with the girls. I’ve seen enough barf, thank you very little.

Wednesday we loaded up for the big drive back. Traffic wise the drive was way easier, but due to the time change, we were back basically the same time. And with school the next morning!

All in all, a great trip. Big thanks to Kelly’s folks for taking us in! I know it’s a handful!!