So What

So I’ve been pretty much riding again for a week straight now. I should be fast again, right? Oh, I was never fast. Not true, I was! Still am, compared to most. It’s all relative, right?

In other news, Morgan is afraid she swallowed a worm with some snow the other day. 10 bucks says she does not eat snow again this year. Maybe ever. She is super awesome at irrational fears already. Ask me about the time she clogged the toilet or the day we got stuck in a windstorm. Seriously traumatic stuff for her.

Oh yeah, so I am officially back 100% as an outside rep. It’s kinda weird never going into an office. I mean I get so much more done without an office environment, it’s ridiculous. So I have more time, but I’m not used to that yet, so I get nervous that I should be working. All the time.

I got some new bikes today. I’ll post pics when they’re done, but you get the idea here and here. Yeah, that is not a time trial bike. It is a full blown tri bike. Sure it’s a a sample for work, but I am still saying I am going to do some triathlons. I have yet to swim and running has been on the backburner while I try to find my cycling legs again, and I don’t know time wise maybe it’s just not realistic. I mostly just want an excuse to dress

You think league bowlers or softball players ever feel the need to tattoo it across their gut?

We got a touch of snow finally over the weekend, but it waren’t (yes, waren’t) much, so no skiing as yet. Gotta get the girls going though… Haley got a mountain bike while we were in CA, inherited from her uncle Jeff. I really look forward to when I can take them out to play and not have to drag them all over. Sadly, they’ll be kicking my old ass shortly thereafter, I’m sure.


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