Colorado…it’s just like Utah, without all the Mormons.

So, I’m in CO. It’s that state east of Utah. I had to get up at the proverbial “crack of dawn”. Actually, I was up at 4:10, so dawn did not crack for sometime after my waking and I never even heard a crack…Oh geez, I think the lack of sleep is getting to me. This could be an interesting post. Or it could suck.

Anyway, I am lucky to live in the age of pocket size computer phones and gps’s. Immediately upon getting my rental vehicle, I went to Starbuck’s (don’t judge me) and plotted out my day… And it pretty much made sense. It was nice going into a whole bunch of new shops and meeting new people. I have a lot of follow-up to do though, which I am pretty much stalling on right now. Right now. As we speak. Or type.

On to the good stuff… my motel. Facebook friends who have yet to hide or unfriend me will have noted that my motel is awesome. It is right next to the freeway, rents by the week, smells of rotten cheese and has a porn shop within spitting distance. Not kidding, I imagine someone has spit on it from my room. The backdoor is broken, although the sign says “Door broke”.

I went to dinner at the truckstop next door, which conveniently backs up to the porn shop. Yeah, I wonder if there’s hookers wandering around there. Anyway, my dinner was awesome.

I love crappy food so much it hurts. Sometimes literally.

If the food wasn’t enough, there was some awesome drama to watch unfold while I ate.  This trucker ordered his burger medium and apparently it was too well done for his taste… So he sent it back… and then he sent it back again. The 3rd time, he told the waitress “look I’ll pay for it, but I can’t eat this, I am going to Subway”.

Who knew truckers were so picky? Odd, as it looked like he’d been eating plenty up to this point. Anyway, I think if I was the waitress, I would have brought out a plate of raw meat on the 3rd go round, but I guess there’s a law in CO that meat has to be a certain pinkness. This caused quite a discussion between the trucker, the waitress, and yes, the management.

It was awesome! Have I said awesome enough in this post?

Anyway, today was Denver, Golden, and Boulder…I could feel the inadequacy of my fitness as soon as I entered Boulder- someone even called me fatty.

That didn’t really happen, but it could have. Anyway (I have said “anyway” more times than I have said “awesome”), I am off to CO Springs in the morning. Then, back up here on Wed. There’s a lot of bike shops around.


3 thoughts on “Colorado…it’s just like Utah, without all the Mormons.

  1. I don’t know if I’ll make it up there this trip as I have to be back for OR Thurs morning. Thanks for the tip though. On that note, I saw the real, celebrity blogger “Fat Cyclist” at Costco last weekend.

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