More Colo-RAD-ohhhhh!

As you probably noticed, I reworked the weblog layout. I am more than fond of the old picture, but it was getting stale looking at the same old, so there you have it. Plus, I am in a motel alone and have nothing better to do. What do you think? I know the title gets hidden until you scroll over it, but I kinda like that.

So yeah, in a “no tell” room alone. It’s pretty weird. I mean, I’m NEVER alone at home. There’s always something going on.  Hopefully I won’t be staying in motels too much. They want money just for a bed, even at a dive like this, so hopefully I will get to know some people out this way. And to know me is to love me. And to love me, is to let me couch surf.

Anyway, today was just okay. I went down to CO Springs and only got to see about half the shops I’d hoped to. I mean I went to all of them, but the person I need to see wasn’t available. So it goes.

I couldn’t handle another night of truck stop eats, so I ate fresh. Unfortunately, this was far less comical. Maybe I will go knock on some truckers doors later, so I have some material.

Well, I guess I’ll go do that. I’ll let you know how it works out.


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