Day Three

I should probably hit the hay (and by that I mean “go to bed”) as I have to be up in less than 5 hours, but you know, everyone seems to be enjoying the updates from the road, and for you, dear reader…I must document every detail of my existence.

Today was good. Went for a little run along a river path that happens by the motel. Met some really nice folks thoughout the day and that goes a long way.

I had a dealer event from about 6-9:30. It was awesome, but um, no food. That is a tough period not to have anything. I didn’t gnaw my arm off, but could not resist the siren call of the truck stop when I got back.

Tomorrow…should be interesting. I was planning to go straight from the airport to the Outdoor Retailer show, but found out yesterday I need to bring some samples from home with… so I’ll fly into SLC, drive right past the show and home to Provo, pick up some stuff, drive all the way back to SLC and work all day. Not exactly efficient, but at least I’ll see 3/4 of my children, albeit briefly.



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