Early to rise…

Well, my little Piper decided it was time to get up at 5:30 this morning. I am a little bummed as I am just super tired still, but what are you gonna do? This week is wearing on me a little. It’s been good, really good, but I’m going to try to have some fun on Monday as that’s been in short supply for sure.

I get bummed out as I am pretty sure I’ve lost any fitness gained over the past couple weeks. It’s early yet, but it’s one of those things… I’ve never been so…not fit. Depressing.

Also, I am pretty tired when I get done for the day, but need to keep a smile on my face. Kelly let me know last night that I was pretty worked up over nothing with the kids and yeah, that’s not how I want them to remember their childhood! So, I’ll push myself to relax a little and keep smiling.

Anyway, it looks like I started the post just to whine. I get disgusted with myself when I get down like this as I just feel like I’ve got so much going for me and so many people don’t, so it’s time for a little gratitude!! I mean really, I’m going to spend the day with a bunch of outdoor enthusiasts talking about cool gear and that’s called “work”. Not a bad gig if you can get it!



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