Goings On

Mathieu van der Poel won junior cyclocross worlds, going in as the overwhelming favorite. His dad Adrie won cx worlds, multiple road classics and tour stages. His grandad Raymond Poulidor was on the tour (THE Tour) podium 5x and was a world road champ. Talk about genetic doping!! Anyway, the kid has another year as a junior, so good luck next to everybody else next year!

That’s not really what this post is about (to the degree that any of my posts are about anything), I just saw it this morning and found it interesting.

I really didn’t mean to go so long between posts. I recall ending saying I was going to go play on Monday. That didn’t happen…so much follow-up to do from the week before! I got my new bike(s) built on Wed, but still haven’t ridden either. I was hoping to go Thurs, but by the time I got around to it, it was rain/snowing, so I went for a run with this guy. Lucky, that wiki blackout ended, huh? Anyway, he’s one of my favorite people to exercise with. Okay, this was the first time I’ve done anything besides cycling (or driving to races) with him, but he’s always got a good story and the time passes quickly.

Yesterday, I got up to Sundance and got my pass finally.  Since I was up there and all and didn’t have to leave for work until 11, I got a couple runs in. They got mostly rain the day before and that froze over night, so the front mountain sucked, but I skipped right past that and the back mountain had some nice, if not so deep, pow wow. Taking Morgan today, so that should be post worthy.

Anyway, back to bikes… I haven’t trained consistently, seriously in 10 years, but I’ve always ridden my bike, nearly daily. So this is very different for me. If I am going to race this year (which I certainly hope to), I am going to have to get on it. I don’t think I can rely on my genetic dope. It just feels hard to justify the time at the moment. I miss it though. I get periods of depression and then acceptance. That’s nothing new though. I think that’s just how I grow and change with time. I’m not going to go changing the blog title just yet or anything.

Sick as.


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