Mental Health Day

Yeah, I am not so much the photoblogger and this shot does not do it justice, but I spent a lovely afternoon at Sundance.

Can you say free refills? It was dumping all day. You can see how long the lines were too. This was at 12:30-ish.

I am not so much the skier either, but pretty fun times.  They called it 10″ at 6am or whatever, and then it snowed hard all day. I don’t know what the total will be, but supposedly there’s more to come, so don’t count winter out yet.

Realistically, I probably won’t make it up again until taking the girls this weekend, but I am pretty stoked on having such a great day out. It was probably the most snow I’ve ever skied in. I took a couple solid diggers. One time I lost both skis in the pow. I found one in the hole I left when I crashed and used it to dig out the other. Yeah, it was like that.

In case my in-laws happen to read this… I am loving my new helmet! For everyone else’s knowledge, it was a Christmas gift.  I haven’t hit my head (yet), I just love having the warmth.

Anyway, good times!


Let’s Try That Again.

More of the same. Try, fail, try.

Life, stuff, and the inbetweens have been on the up. And by that, I mean it’s been a good week. Work is going well, no one in the fam is especially sick, and I have even been doing a bit of pedaling. Kelly’s birthday was Sunday. We had cake Friday, Saturday and a super dessert on Sunday as well because we don’t like to confine our birth celebrations to one day.  I took Morgan skiing Sunday as well. Yeah, “we” are not supposed to do such things, but I figure any family type outing is pretty okay in my book. And I can rest some other day. And it’s deader than dead at Sundance on Sunday, so it’s a good day for a little girl to do run after run after run after…

Riding bikes… Yeah, I have a long way to go. What’s nice is that when you let yourself go completely, you see huge gains really quickly when you start over. That’s probably the most positive spin I can put on that. I am also counting on everyone who trained super hard in our mild winter being fried by summer. Realistically, I don’t know how much racing I’ll be able to do. It’ s hard to justify time away from the girls. That said, when I do race I need to crush it to justify that time, so I gotta get fit.

And I need to stay skinny because looking good is half the battle. And by half, I mean ~98%.


…to blog more.

Yeah, I have been a bit off the map. And I know you are losing sleep over it. And I don’t want that. For either of us.

It’s tough because this is a cycling blog and I kinda just wasn’t cycling for awhile there. I’m re-resolving on that too. This is probably about the 5th time since the start of the year that I’ve “started over” with cycling, but I’ve managed to ride a few days now, which is like a record! Of course, these few days add up to one long day back when, but you can’t live in the past.  Maybe you could with a time machine. I’ll look into it.

Anyway, if you’ve been reading (which if you’ve made it this far, I’m sure you have), you know I’ve been pretty busy. I was definitely hoping for a less hectic 2012 and so far…Wow. Yesterday’s behind us though, so onward and upward, eh.

Anyway (again), Kelly made her traditional VD meal last night…yes, a week post VD (the more I say it, the funnier it is…to me).  She is very good with traditions like that, which should give the girls some great memories.

Well, just wanted to post something. Hopefully this will get the creative juices flowing (eww) and I’ll be updating with some regularity. It seems there’s always something that hits me that I mean to touch on here, but then I, umm, don’t.

Waiting Room…

So, I’m at DIA waiting for my flight home to Provo…This blog is way off the back.

You can read Kelly’s blog for the details, but our trip to CA did not work out as planned! Rory got RSV on Sunday and was hospitalized until a few hours before we flew out on Tuesday…meaning Kelly missed nearly everything with the funeral. She was pretty devastated, but I am in awe of her strength as she kept a brave face through it all.

I, on the other hand, was a complete mess trying to keep tabs on our other 3 kids!

Due to a delayed flight (yes, this is becoming a theme), we got in around 2am. I had to fly out the next morning, but I flew direct from Provo, so that was nice.

Anyhoo, this trip’s been okay… I didn’t get the prep for it that I’d hoped for, given the circumstances above and I don’t have any more truck stop/motel stories as I was lucky enough to spend last night with some family in Colorado Springs… Oh what a difference!  As you might expect after the previous night, I slept like a rock! A very sleepy rock at that.

Alright, our plane just arrived at the gate…hopefully we’ll board soon.

Here We Go…

Kelly’s grandpa died last weekend. She did a really nice post a few days ago. I’m very proud of my Kelly. She has really found her voice as a writer.

We are flying out to CA tonight. Yes, with all four kids!! And we’ll be there until Tuesday night. That’s right…Valentine’s Night with Kelly. And four kids. And a planeful of strangers.

We’ll get home around 11:30 or 12:00 that night and then I fly to Denver first thing on Wednesday, so I am packing/prepping for the Denver trip today, which feels a little odd.

There’s been all kinds of stuff I’ve meant to post over the past week, but with so much going on, I haven’t had a chance. Will try to update from our travels!

The Sickness that Wouldn’t Die…

Remember waay back to my last trip to CO? Kelly got sick while I was gone. That sickness is still in our house. Wait, that sounds like I blame Kelly, which I don’t. I blame the kids.

Anyway, Morg missed 3 days of school this week. I know, missing school for a cold? But she had a fever and that deep cough, where it hurts throughout your chest. Hopefully she’s starting to recover, but Piper is now fighting a fever. I have the cough and haven’t been good for a week or so, but no fever, so it’s not really keeping me from doing anything. Except sleeping, as there’s always a kid waking up!

Not our Rory though. She is sleeping like a champ! More than a little nervous about her getting sick though.

Anyway, as you might expect I have some thoughts on the “dropping” of the federal case against Lance, but that’s probably a post in and of itself. I don’t know that it needed to be a federal case, but I hope they are serious when they say USADA is taking up the case. And not just against Lance. They got a ton of information during the investigation and I would like to see everyone implicated exposed.

Is that bitter? Maybe a touch.